Blog: Drew and Dede Johnston Sales Pitch - 2013-12-07

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F376.png Drew and Dede Johnston Sales Pitch December 7, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Once upon a time, Drew and Dede Johnston were respected Scientology field auditors.

But they gave up that gig for the far more lucrative business of earning commissions from money squeezed out of their fellow kool aid drinkers.

Of course, they are going to promote the astonishing wonders of Super Power, just like they promoted the wonders of Objectives and Purif and reading the Basics and the Purif or whatever the latest blanket "why" is. So, here they go, superlatives, generalities and exclamation points cocked and loaded, giving their newest reg pitches in the guise of "success stories."