Blog: Dror Center Two Years On - 2015-01-31

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F376.png Dror Center Two Years On January 31, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I have finally made it home. The red eye lived up to its name. I have had this posting sitting on the back burner for a week or so, and I think it is always valuable to have a reminder here that it is possible to practice scientology outside the church. It is one of the things that is used to keep people toeing the church party line "we are your only hope" and for anyone that believes scientology is the answer to their spiritual happiness, this is a powerful control mechanism. "If you leave the church, you forfeit your eternity" (as if it were something you could give up, or something anyone else can give you). "The only people out there are squirrels, and they will kill you with out tech" (though I must say, if you are going to be harmed by out tech, the less you pay for it the better and the MOST expensive out tech is the exclusive domain of the church). These two lies keep a lot of people from straying outside the electric clubbed seal fences.

And yet here is a shining example that utterly disproves the lies.

Dani and Tami Lemberger are two of the nicest, most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are long time, highly trained scientologists. They have a team of like-minded people working with them. The "ideal org" in Tel Aviv is like all the rest, an ideal morgue. Empty, shiny floors and vacant custom built chairs. Yet, a few miles away sits a flourishing center of activity. No marble floors. And no IAS Regges. No FART Div 6. And no Facebook Police. No GAG II. And no teenage Hitler Youth Ethics Officer.