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F0.png End of Days May 27, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

In late 2003 David Miscavige shared with Interntional Managers of Scientology (Watchdog Committee, International Management Exec Committee, and related staff) one of the endless supply of alleged unpublished L Ron Hubbard writings he alone possessed by virtue of his "tunnels" of LRH archives (see,

Of course Miscavige did not produce any document. As was his wont and privilege, he simply said that the document existed. Miscavige was addressing a room full of people who had devoted their entire adult lives for the Scientology religion. They had for the most part forsaken family, friends, and all connection to the world outside the razor wire fenced Int Base compound. They had gone several weeks holed up at Int Headquarters, which consisted of makeshift offices constructed within the confines of a couple of double-wide trailers. They had very little sleep and irregular food over that several week period. They had been beaten and hazed mercilessly by Miscavige, then by others within the group who were encouraged to do the same to one another by Miscavige. Miscavige was whining and sneering about how these international managers were acting lifeless, unresponsive to his dictates, and acting in what he termed an apathetic fashion.

Miscavige told the assembled that he was sickened by their lethargy and berated them for "non-compliance" with his grandiose plans to take over the planet. Miscavige told the managers that L Ron Hubbard had written a prediction for how long planet earth had left; after which it would exist no more. He did not say what cataclysm would end life as we know it – but stated definitively L Ron Hubbard said the planet would be no more by a date certain.