Blog: Episode 19: Christie Collbran Rinder - 2020-12-07

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F376.png Episode 19: Christie Collbran Rinder December 7, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This week Leah and I speak with my wife, Christie.

I will add the link as soon as it is live.

While there is always a lot of interest in me, Christie has her own story. She is much more than simply my other half. Her entire immediate family, just like mine, disconnected from her when she began to question things and tried to communicate this to them. When our son, Jack, was 6 months old we visited LA and tried to see Christie's parents to introduce them to their grandson. Her mother was sent away to the Freewinds. Her father, who I have never met, is a former pro-linebacker in the NFL. He hid inside his house and refused to come to the door. Such is the grip of fear scientology holds over people... This is a similar story to when I went to visit my mother in Australia when she was in a nursing home and I knew it would be my last chance to see her. Scientology sent her away when they found out I had driven to Melbourne.