Blog: Escaping the Prison of Belief - 2014-09-07

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F0.png Escaping the Prison of Belief September 7, 2014, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

Critical thinking and logic have radically changed my life for the better. Unfortunately, when I bring up 'critical thinking' I notice that some people's eyes seem to glaze over. People seem to think these are immensely philosophical and deep subjects which only college-educated intellectuals want to have anything to do with.

I'd like to break through that, so let's talk about something really practical and useful, which also just happens to be the very heart and soul of critical thinking.

I think it's safe to say that we've all fallen for some nonsense in our lives. I dare say, most everyone probably has some part of their life where they are being taken advantage of and they don't have a clue it's going on. Their friends or family sadly shake their heads when they aren't looking, hoping that somehow they will "wake up" and stop being idiots. It could be anything from politics to religion to relationships to diet to...whatever. And trying to "talk sense" into them goes nowhere, right? It just makes them hold on to the nonsense even harder. It's almost as though they are held captive in a prison of belief.