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F0.png Even More on Missions December 6, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

By Mike Rinder

This small excerpt from the IAS event provides an excellent glimpse of the entire circus performance. Little King David in all his diminutive glory, Shermanspeaking with his strange, vaguely hypnotic cadence and almost comical accent on words, spewing forth lies and trickery almost faster than its possible to ingest. There is another 2+ hours of this torture. But when you can slow it down, pause the video, really SEE what is being said, it presents a very different picture than the veneer of slick smoke and mirrors that gushes forth.

Gabriel recently posted the Birthday Game standings from the Mission Network and in doing so highlighted the sorry state of this network. It's a bit harder to see from watching the video real time, but believe me, the efforts to wallpaper over the moldy, mildewed and crumbling walls of the Mission network just don't cut the mustard.