Blog: Experts On Everything - 2014-09-16

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F376.png Experts On Everything September 16, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Freewinds is hosting a seminar at AOLA conducted by a public person (that used to be enough to drop jaws, now it is routine), and from the heights of assumed authority, they are going to tell you how to use "LRH Tech" to succeed on the internet....

If there is one thing everyone knows, it is that scientology has conquered the internet. The leading expert on LRH Tech, COB himself, has announced their massive efforts "applying LRH tech" to reach people on the internet. Many times. Using completely made up stats or ones that are broken down so far, they sort of sound impressive, until you calculate what they really mean. As a measure of their astonishing success, a quick glance at Alexa tells the story. is ranked 149,255 in the world and 59,512 in the US. This is with their "massive IAS sponsored dissemination campaigns" (as a comparison, with lower numbers better, ie Google is ranked 1) my little blog on the fringes of the internet is ranked 103,937 in the world and 26,180 in the US. With no massive infusion of funds or site optimization and hundreds of links.

This so clearly displays the astonishing arrogance of the church. They truly believe they are the experts in everything and all they need say to "prove it" is the three magic words "applying LRH tech" — and hey presto, they suddenly know all.