Blog: Exteriorization in Scientology - 2016-12-18

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F376.png Exteriorization in Scientology December 18, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

L. Ron Hubbard regularly bandied about the concept of exteriorization. He defined "going exterior" as, "the fellow would just move out, away from the body and be aware of himself as independent of a body but still able to control and handle the body."

He defined exteriorization as, 1. "the state of the thetan, the individual himself, being outside this body. When this is done, the person achieves a certainty that he is himself and not his body;" and 2. "the phenomenon of being in a position or space dependent upon only one's consideration, able to view from that space the body and the room as it is. That is exteriorization. One can view the body or control the body from a distance."

One of the allures of LRH was how he made the extraordinary seem so simple—and so possible to attain. And so Western. You didn't have to spend six years on a mountain top in Tibet. You just plunked down your cash and paid for your salvation the good old American way. "Exteriorization? Not a problem! Just decide to move out of your body and, bingo! It's as simple as that. Nothing could be more natural. I've been doing it for years. Not a big deal, really. It's just a decision."