Blog: Fact Checking David Miscavige - 2009-08-12

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F0.png Fact Checking David Miscavige August 12, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

I was reading the 80-page Freedom Magazine put out by David Miscavige, and I came across this datum from a bulleted list of Scientology "expansion wins":

"8,071 Scientology Churches, Missions and groups"

I got curious as to where all these "Churches, Missions and groups" are. You might have noticed that the Church no longer lists Org addresses in the back of the books. They used to list all Org and Mission addresses, but they stopped doing that. They just refer you to their website, with its nifty Scientology Org and Mission locator. You cannot find a complete org and mission list on the website, just this locator. So, in order to find out how many Orgs and Missions there are, you have to spend hours going through the locator, country by country.