Blog: Fact v. Fiction: A Tale of Two Websites - 2013-10-26

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F376.png Fact v. Fiction: A Tale of Two Websites October 26, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I don't normally follow statistics concerning this blog, as I am not trying to generate ad revenue (there are no ads:)). I provide this forum as a public service that I hope gets out information that might otherwise not see the light of day from within the bowels of the bubble.

But the irrepressible Karen De La Carriere sent this to me yesterday and called me up and told me it was good news that people should know.

I felt it was worth noting, not to beat my own drum, but to give hope to those of you who await the day when you may be reunited with friends or family who have been victim of the non-existent disconnection policy. Or to those who still have friends or family who are turning over hard earned income that would be better used for their children's education. Or those of you who just want to see people able to think for themselves instead of being inculcated into the idea that by thinking what they are told by the church they ARE thinking.