Blog: Fast Eddie is Losing His Mind - "Big Pharma Whores" - 2018-12-24

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F376.png Fast Eddie is Losing His Mind - "Big Pharma Whores" December 24, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Fortunately, Fast Eddie Parkin, the head of STAAD League and OSA International old-timer (he used to be Heber Jentzsch's assistant back before Heber was "disappeared") cannot block everyone on Twitter.

Fast Eddie makes a habit of sliming people scientology doesn't like with his STAAD League account (@EPStandLeague). But everyone he targets is blocked from seeing his Tweets, and anyone who ever responds to him with anything less than fawning agreement of his assessment of himself as a genius is instantly blocked. This is such a cowardly way of doing things — but is a typical scientology tactic in the era of Miscavige. Miscavige has created an environment in his image — he dispenses with anyone who does not agree to his self-asserted infallibility. He hides behind lawyers and "spokespeople" (who don't actually speak) to deliver his messages. He is a coward.

Fast Eddie is employed as an anti-Aftermath stirrer. The success of his efforts is apparently not a factor, as he keeps rolling out the footbullets. It is always interesting to read his hate-filled drivel, and I find it especially amusing when I see him complain that "scientology's side" is not presented. Fast Eddie is one of the "go-to" guys sent out to deal with camera crews if they find themselves in a circumstance where they cannot just hide inside their buildings being keyboard warriors. It's amazing to watch anyone try to ask him a question face to face. He calls the police or security... so much for "scientology's side."