Blog: Fear No Evil - 2012-12-13

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F0.png Fear No Evil December 13, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

One of the primary dangers of Scientology is the potential for, and its proclivity toward, the abuse of the confidences its members entrust the organization with. It is a most insidious operation.

Scientology counselors are drilled for months – and sometimes years - on communication skills that are designed to make a seeker completely comfortable with sharing her innermost feelings and every detail about all of her frailties and shortcomings. Scientology counselors are trained to overcome their own possible misgivings about invading the privacy of another in order to ensure they probe every dark corner of another's mind. The seeker is carefully indoctrinated that in order to achieve any gain in Scientology it is first and foremost necessary that she willingly discloses every secret, dark or light, she may possess. Scientology counselors are trained to naturally and thoroughly note for posterity every detail of the confessions that their counselees so disclose.

Scientologists are indoctrinated to fully believe that the ends of the Scientology organization justify whatever betrayal of an individual's rights might be considered necessary for the organization's survival.