Blog: File Under "David Miscavige Fiddles While Scientology Burns" - 2019-06-20

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F0.png File Under "David Miscavige Fiddles While Scientology Burns" June 20, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientology's in-house publishing arm Bridge Publications announced in a printing trade journal that it has increased its in-house capabilities for wide format printing and garment decoration Translated: Bigger banners and more Scientology-themed t-shirts to hand out to unwary people; this is an effort to create the appearance of large scale Scientology rallies.

The Scientology "banners and t-shirts" propaganda scam has been used in Haiti and elsewhere:

The Church of Scientology is collapsing under the weight of its own barbarity, lies, greed, and the utter exploitation of anything and anyone it comes into contact with. A major lawsuit was just filed against David Miscavige and the Church and more are reportedly to follow. The exposure of Scientology's depravity and criminality continues unabated. Scientology uses child labor; practices slander and libel against those it deems enemies; and engages in human trafficking.