Blog: Fire Sale - 2016-03-28

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F376.png Fire Sale March 28, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Don't think I got the full list, but this is enough to show what is happening.

They have overstocked the orgs with bookstore materials to try to boost sales from Bridge and thus royalty payments to ASI/CST. The royalties are paid on "sale" of books from Pubs to the orgs and the orgs are FORCED to buy way more books and lectures than they will ever sell. Then they have to try to unload them to recoup something. It might also be an indicator that there is a planned "new release" — perhaps Miscavige has discovered another SP typist who messed up all the books again...

This is just another indicator of the internal-facing bubble of scientology. Everything that is done is aimed at their existing public (even ads on tv), continuing to try and sell the dwindling numbers the latest "new thing."