Blog: First Ideal City - 2014-07-05

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F376.png First Ideal City July 5, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The rah-rah is reaching nutball levels in PAC — promoting completing Valley org will make them the first "Ideal City"? How do they figure these things out? There are lot of cities that only have one org and it is "ideal" so arent they "ideal cities"? Or do they require more than one org (of course they do — even 5 orgs in LA is not even scratching the surface). But you will hear the sheeple in London talking about how their ideal org is "going to Clear London" and the same in Melbourne and Joburg and everywhere else. They have long since considered themselves an "ideal city." Ah well, anything to motivate the sheeple to keep on giving.

But also buried in here is another remarkable piece of news: The Children's Org? Really? Just a spur of the moment money-raising gimmick has now turned into "the only org in the Americas with special facilities to cater to the child Scientologists to guarantee their ascent up the Bridge" (even though it doesnt exist yet....)

And you will note, the entirety of what is talked about is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.