Blog: Flag's "Late Breaking (No Longer Good) News" - 2014-12-07

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F376.png Flag's "Late Breaking (No Longer Good) News" December 7, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

After months of publishing his "Good News" briefings in inverted commas, Jeff Mintz has now changed the title to "Late Breaking" news.

Whatever he wants to call it — it's a really poor show. He might as well take the same figures every week and just change the date. This is LOOOONG term flat (Emergency condition). Month after month. And if there was any international expansion happening in scientology, it would have shown up at Flag by now. After all, it's nearly twenty years since the "Golden Age Of Tech" and more than a decade since the "Ideal Orgs Strategy" and more than a year since the opening of the SP Building.

Flag is the measure of ALL things happening in scientology, as with the old Roman Empire — all scientology roads lead to Flag. So, while they continue to pressure and squeeze the lower levels to send everyone they possibly can to Flag, the continue to dribble along with an empty building and the same stat levels for a year. And these numbers they are so proud of are the number a SINGLE CLASS V Org should be producing. 20 Purif Comps and 10 Clears a week? IF London was doing that, they wouldn't be scratching the surface of the population of Queen Victoria St, let alone the whole of London. These numbers are only impressive to the seals because they are used to an org producing ONE Purif Completion, NO Clears and a few "basic book" comps a week.