Blog: Flag Is Limp - 2015-02-24

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F376.png Flag Is Limp February 24, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Jeff Mintz is not as regular as he once was, and for a while I thought he had been given the permanent heave-ho. It's a terrible thing when "good news" turns up on this blog as proof of stagnation.

Then, after a month of silence, the FSC San Jose stole his thunder and put out the Mintzmeat(tm) report from herself. She even stole his format, but changed it from blue to red (Mintz had changed "Good News" to "Late Breaking News" probably because of how much fun we had with his "good news" but Ms. Dodwell seems oblivious for now).

As always, I have added the latest figures to the end of the list of same stats that Mr. Mintz has been putting out over the last year.