Blog: Flag OTC Minutes -- "News" From Inside The Bubble - 2013-08-01

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F376.png Flag OTC Minutes -- "News" From Inside The Bubble August 1, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is the latest self-hyping propaganda from the "OT Ambassadors" inside the bubble.

It is the minutes from their last meeting.

Mathilde, Public Sec FSO spoke about the importance of "getting ready." She said that she knows we've been hearing about it at graduations, but wanted us to realize just how close it is, announcing that the New Flag Building will be opened sometime in September, followed by the IAS Event here at Flag in October. She said that as soon as precise dates are known, she will let us know. Mathilde said that now is the time to get everyone on board here in Clearwater, and for everyone to spread the word: Get ready for Super Power and Golden Age of Tech II. [Wow — they only get the hottest news. "It's coming!" Don't know what "it" is, or when — but boy, it's time to get EXCITED!! And you had BETTER be excited or it's time to write a check for some more sec checking]