Blog: Flag Stats - 2015-03-08

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F376.png Flag Stats March 8, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

One of our Special Correspondents took the time to take the Mintzmeat announcements over the last year and turn the stats into graphs.

While these stats do not reflect every week, they are a representative cross section of the stats over time. The numbers across the bottom simply represent the number of weeks worth of stats that have been collected — they are not sequential. It is 22 weeks over the last year. The weeks shown on the graphs as 0 are in fact "No Reports" and you can conclude from that the stats were not good for that week.

Remember also, Mr. Mintzt tended to put out the stats when they were GOOD. So, it is highly likely that many of the weeks you don't see reflected here were weeks of POOR stats and they would generally make the graphs look worse.