Blog: Flag Stats Prove Massive Fail - 2019-09-01

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F376.png Flag Stats Prove Massive Fail September 1, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

They're boasting about their accomplishments again — and their boasts are the best evidence of their complete failure.

Super Power and Cause Resurgence

A couple of notes at the outset. It seems they have adopted the IAS "successful action" — to get people to show up for reg events these days you need to offer free meals. Flag, being the Mecca of Technical Perfection and the Friendliest Place on Earth is going one better. Flying in their own chefs "as seen on [sort of] TV" to whip up some pizza and gelato. Should generate massive crowds. I do note they never show any pictures of my son in their team of chefs. He is one of them.