Blog: Flag and Tampa OTC Minutes - 2014-08-20

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F376.png Flag and Tampa OTC Minutes August 20, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The leak plugging efforts just don't seem to be working. They even have a full time person in OSA Flag assigned to get to the bottom of this situation. But the OTC Minutes just keep rolling in. And though they have taken out a lot of embarrassing statistical specifics, they still have what should be embarrassing details (I think most of these people are oblivious to how ridiculous they are). Part of the problem is that they can turn ANYTHING into good news and "huge impact" so they THINK they are relaying good news. The delusion is a sight to behold. They remind me of the proverbial fleas climbing up the elephant's leg with rape on their minds.

Let's begin with the mighty powerhouses at Flag. The biggest and baddest OT Committee in this sector of the universe.

Two completions is pretty impressive, including a Purif for the OTs. Remember when they had the "game" of 100% of the OTC on service and they were touting that virtually everyone was on service? Hmmm, doesn't quite add up to two completions. But then again, there has been no mention of that game for some time, so as with everything else in scientology, when the pressure eases off things revert to their usual dead state. Oh, and one person was helped with an ethics condition. Woohoo.