Blog: Flavio, A Stolen Son - by Renata Lugli - 2010-12-22

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F0.png Flavio, A Stolen Son - by Renata Lugli December 22, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Blogger's introductory note: The following is a mother's account of the attempted destruction of her family. I cross flowed much of what Renata relates. It is very timely in that one year ago - almost to the day - on the eve of Christmas 2009 David Miscavige's anti-Marty mission invaded the Lugli's home attempting to recruit Claudio and Renata to team up to ambush their son Tiziano - and failing that attempting to get the parents to disconnect from their son. Almost a year later, their other son Flavio was sent into their home as a missionaire working for the same Miscavige mission, spying and attempting to get his parents to disown and disconnect from Tiziano. That they kept their equillibrium through all this doing everything in their power to keep the family together speaks volumes as to their character. Regardless of the outcome, one things is certain, they survived this ordeal with their integrity not only intact but strengthened.

I would like to tell my personal experience in Scientology from a mother's viewpoint, which is my main beingness, regarding my two sons, Flavio and Tiziano. What I had to live through myself with regards to what has happened to them, was the main reason for our departure from the Church, besides all other facts that we included in our Resignation Letter -(

Flavio and Tiziano were born in 1977 and '78, and my husband and I were both in the Sea Org at that time, we joined in '74 and left in '82. During that time one could still have kids in the Sea Org, and regardless of the amount of work that was absorbing our lives, I have always tried to give my sons all of my attention and communication, trying to give them, to the best of my abilities, an ethical education and a spiritual growth towards their self-determinism and mental sanity.