Blog: For Better or for Worse - 2018-01-06

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F376.png For Better or for Worse January 6, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Seldom are married couples on the same page when it comes to their involvement with the Church of Scientology and for this reason, marriages frequently end in divorce—both with the couple and Scientology.

Husbands and wives often have different spiritual goals. Despite what the church would have people believe, rarely do both parties place the same importance on "ideal orgs," "clearing the planet," and "going free." And rarely do they feel the same away about Scientology tech, policy, and management. Since Scientologists aren't allowed to speak about anything related to the church that might be construed as the least bit negative, often times couples don't know how each other feels about the church. One might think their spouse is gung-ho, when in fact, both are sticking around for fear the other will disconnect if their true thoughts were revealed. The last thing a husband or wife wants is for their other half to think they're "other determined," "nattery," or have "counter intention." Mea culpa!

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities