Blog: Francesco Minelli and Luana Barbaglio - 2010-12-14

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F0.png Francesco Minelli and Luana Barbaglio December 14, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Translation of the latest from Gary Baldi at L'Indipendologo

The legend tells that in the night of December Twelve around Bergamo and Brescia, along with a donkey full of presents, a saint woman by the name of Santa Lucia, will bring gifts to all kids that anxiously await her arrival. At times you could hear a bell ring, the donkey has one by his neck, which calls all kids to hiding, for no one can look at Santa Lucia, otherwise she'll throw some magical dust that will blind all kids…Well, Luana and Francesco have been really naughty, for as soon as the local OSA I/C from Brescia told them to be aware of the nasty things Indys were writing on blogs, they started gathering all of the data for themselves.

These are very special people, because in NO time they have absorbed all that was needed to be absorbed, and have decided at once to leave the Church! This is some real speed of particle flow…they really must have some Power! We've been observing "second generation" Scientologists which hold within themselves amazing attributes. A great welcome to Luana and Francesco!