Blog: Frankly DM, the Hamiltons don't give a damn - 2010-10-28

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F0.png Frankly DM, the Hamiltons don't give a damn October 28, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Well, with mixed emotions, we are announcing we are now declared "suppressive persons" – the mixed emotions are amusement and embarrassment – our amusement, but not our embarrassment. It is embarrassment for IJC and CJC and all those involved in writing or approving this issue.

We will share part of it with you, so you can see that it must have been written quickly and under a lot of pressure to do so – thus it was general (in violation of writing an ethics order), full of out points and very inaccurate.

Number one, it says: "Mark and Lisa Hamilton of Henderson, NV"…now come on, don't they read their emails? their mail? or any website? At least they could have looked in the phone book. We live in Gardnerville, NV – which is almost 500 miles north of Henderson…we have NEVER been to Henderson, nor do we even know anyone who does. We are debating if they are simply that sloppy or they thought there might be people trying to stay friends with us or find us and this might throw them off the trail….hmmm…