Blog: Freewinds Flailing - 2019-06-23

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F376.png Freewinds Flailing June 23, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The Freewinds will be empty again by tomorrow. Dear Leader's annual scuba diving holiday Maiden Voyage celebrations have come to an end and everyone is heading home with their new "OT Ambassador" orders (which are the same as last year — collect money for Ideal Orgs and IAS).

The "OT Base" that sails "off the crossroads of the world" reverts to its real status "Ghost ship sitting at dock off the crossroads of the world." Bouncing between Curacao and Aruba, she is a cruise ship without a cruise. And without passengers.

In their desperation, they hold all sorts of oddball "conventions" and "weeks" to try to attract anyone to fly all the way down there to sit at a dock (fuel is expensive so they ration it, they still have to feed the crew...)