Blog: Freewinds Going Out Of Business Sale - 2015-01-21

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F376.png Freewinds Going Out Of Business Sale January 21, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The prices are coming DOWN, DOWN, DOWN in a desperate last ditch effort to get some money, any money to keep the Freewinds able to buy oil for the generators to keep the lights on.

$100 a day for a shared cabin and food is unheard of. The Freewinds used to charge Ritz Carlton rates for their Holiday Inn accommodations (the food was usually above average, but not spectacular). Now they are trying to get people to pay Motel 6 rates. And this is the PEAK season in the Caribbean. Seems the Freewinds is heading for a Mary Celeste* culmination to her 1,465,385.3 miles of 100% Sea Org safe cruising....

Obviously, the reputation of the Freewinds, based on the experience of so many, has drastically cut the number willing to pay for the dubious pleasure of subjecting themselves to full time regging and harassment. That and the fact that every OT VII is being told to redo Purif and Objectives.