Blog: GAG II Is Built Right Into The Brick And Steel - 2014-04-12

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F376.png GAG II Is Built Right Into The Brick And Steel April 12, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Things are really rocking in the WUS! At least they are if you buy into their self-congratulatory hype....

Some of this stuff is just priceless.

The Austin Org has been located right across the street from the University of Texas for DECADES. Can these people really think that if they put nice furniture and install a bunch of FART Div 6 displays it is somehow going to magically take off? This is "Ideal Think" (a new sort of debilitating mental illness that CCHR is doing NOTHING about) to the last stop of the crazy train. Usually the hype is about how they are going to open a "new ideal org" (somewhere out in the boonies) and this is what will suddenly cause "planetary clearing" to "become a reality." The sad thing about this drivel is that Austin has ALREADY been in the "ideal location" forever. So, they are not even going to "open a new Ideal Org" they are just going to make the current furniture "ideal"?