Blog: Get Your Obsolete EMeter Now -- Only $3500 - 2013-06-15

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F376.png Get Your Obsolete EMeter Now -- Only $3500 June 15, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Calling all suckers.

Give us $3500 now for a Mark VII that will be obsolete within weeks. We know that, and we are not telling you. The Orgs know it so we cannot sell them this deadstock. Thus we have got to try to unload these useless items to you at a small discount (don't worry, there is still plenty of profit in a $3500 meter). What a joke — selling them at "staff" rate. Like there are any staff that can afford a $3500 meter. "Staff rate" should be "cost" and that would be 1/10th of this.

This is the best indicator that the big sales item for "GAT II" is going to be the "Mark VIII"....