Blog: Goings On In Clearwater - 2014-01-11

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F376.png Goings On In Clearwater January 11, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I was out for a drive last night and passed through downtown Clearwater.

Three things of interest.

1. I happened to be there at 7:45 and there were a few people in front of the Ft Harrison and a couple of cars, but not many. And a few walking from the Parking Structure down by where the tent used to be (it was packed up for the 74,319 yard journey back to the UK in 612.3 shipping boxes weighing it at the equivalent of 73.8 fully grown Indian elephants). But certainly not the big influx of people for "Flag Graduation" one would expect at the Mecca of GAG. Perhaps Voldemort has given up on Graduation now that he doesn't have anything to pre-sell.