Blog: Golden Age Of Math -- 10,000 On Solo NOTs - 2014-02-17

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F376.png Golden Age Of Math -- 10,000 On Solo NOTs February 17, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a very strange promo piece. They must be using "Golden Age of Math" to come up with the figures they are using.

Places reported at 10X and 5X have no figures that even resemble these multipliers. And the targets are even weirder. They give them an arbitrary "starting figure" plucked out of the sky, as the column alongside gives the number currently auditing/completed. So, if your imaginary starting figure is "5" but you have 16 already on, you need 4 more to "4X" (to 20 total). Sheer idiocy.

There are no doubt many false reports in here, I always love to hear from commenters in specific areas that see the "facts" presented in these charts and can clearly identify the falsehoods.