Blog: Golden Age Of Tech Phase II For OTs (GOATs) - 2015-07-25

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F376.png Golden Age Of Tech Phase II For OTs (GOATs) July 25, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Well, there was more to it than just a "new, improved" CCRD launched by the splendidly uniformed Captain Miscavige ("don't call him Captain, it is insulting") at the recent secret briefing at Flag (See It's Epic, It's Monumental)

The Chairman of the Pompadour took it right over the top with this monumentally epic milestone briefing, releasing the new, standard tech OT Levels through OT III.

With the understated tag-line "This is the guarantee that every being will make it to OT — with unprecedented ease and speed" the latest edition of the International Scientology News trumpeted this revelation across 3 double page spreads. Though oddly, 4 of the 6 pages were pictures of the crowd in the auditorium, happy audience reaction shots and lights on the outside of the Ft Harrison.