Blog: Golden Age of The Vulture Culture - 2013-04-20

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F376.png Golden Age of The Vulture Culture April 20, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This "success"/ IAS promo piece/COB PR release was recently sent to me.

While I am sure Kathy Feshbach had wins, there is a huge elephant sitting in the middle of her gushing wonderment at the brilliance of COB.

How can an OT VIII, Class VIII "Full Golden Age of Knowledge" completion conclude that the most valuable thing for her to do is be a full time reg for the IAS? I guarantee you in everything she studied there was not A SINGLE MENTION of the IAS. I guarantee you also that she missed a whole lot of references to the value of auditors and auditing. Somehow she took away from a FULL (ALL books, ALL lectures — Congresses, Briefing Course, ACCs, Class VIII lectures and anything else in between, ALL HCOBs and PABs) study of everything LRH ever said or wrote on the tech that she should be a reg ("disseminator" is her euphemism) for a completely out exchange, sham group ("COB's strategy of the IAS") that delivers NO Scientology services.