Blog: Good Morning America, Meet Debbie Cook and UPDATE - 2012-01-06

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F0.png Good Morning America, Meet Debbie Cook and UPDATE January 6, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Please click this link, Good Morning America, Meet Debbie Cook

UPDATE: 4:37 pm Central Standard Time:

The GMA story was originally planned as a teaser for tonight's edition of ABC Nightline. However, the Scn corporation has had a gaggle of high-priced lawyers (at great expense to donating public) bombarding ABC News with threats and lies all day long yesterday and today. It finally got the point where ABC decided to punt (for now) because it was distracting the business of reporting contemporaneously on world affairs. Because it was not unexpected by me I never mentioned the planned broadcast. This is about the sixth major network show I am aware of on the crimes of David Miscavige that has been spiked in the past eighteen months. At the end of the day the tension of each new spike (cover up and killing) adds numbers of professionals in the journalism field to the ranks of the educated on the tactics of Miscavige's mafia like organization. Be assured that that cummulative tension will have a deleterious effect (and actually does have as time goes by) on the perpetrator of the lie-based threats. The chickens always come home to roost. The detailed story of how corporate Scientology accomplishes such results (with specifics on all of the shows I have alluded to above) will be covered in my second book (including documents that prove it), The Scientology Reformation, which will be out some time after the first book.