Blog: Good News From Flag -- Stats Straight Across And Horizontal - 2015-08-30

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F376.png Good News From Flag -- Stats Straight Across And Horizontal August 30, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Since the release of GAG II, various Special Correspondents have been forwarding the somewhat regular "Good News" briefings from Flag. Over the course of that time (nearly two years now) I have received a total of 37 of these reports. They have skipped some weeks and the intervals between them are irregular, but just as an aggregate they show the big picture of the "expansion" that has occurred at Flag since the advent of GAG II and the opening of the $200 million SP Building.

I graphed these figures as you can see below (along with the latest reports following that).

I stopped graphing Purif and Objectives Completions. They made a huge deal of these when GAG II was released. But then the reporting became erratic and then simply stopped altogether. Apparently when the stats were not "good" they just decided not to mention them. Probably many of the weeks where there have been no reports were weeks when the stats sucked. And as there is many no reports (only have "good news" for 37 out of about 85 weeks since the release of GAG II) one could reasonably assume that if all those weeks HAD been reported, it would show an even worse scene.