Blog: Good vs. Evil - 2015-04-05

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F0.png Good vs. Evil April 5, 2015, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Choosing a side and then obsessively resisting against another side causes one mental and spiritual dissonance. One doesn't get relief from one's dissonant self by changing sides and carrying on with resisting. Agreeing to resist and then resisting is the trap. Many a trap sells jazzed up forms of resistance. Inspection of the salesmen on either side of most dramatic conflicts shows close parallels to those whom they invite you to resist. Intuitive people can even perceive their similar exuded discordant wavelengths.

An easy mark for resistance recruiters is someone who has been deeply conditioned to resist. Such folk are sitting ducks for re-enslavement by entrainment. Resisting against that which you once resisted for appeals to the denialist mind looking for return to the seeming comfortably numb stasis of two-valued thought. It is the lazy, short-sighted condition experienced by those practicing denialism.

Both sides in denialist conflict depend upon one another for the continuation of their chosen crusade, in some cases even for their very identities. All the while what you consider of the other side is precisely what it considers of you. In the world of scientology this week while the post 'Scientology's Vortex of Hate' was current, a prominent scientologist twittered that those interviewed in the documentary Going Clear were akin to 'Nazis' talking about Jews. Meanwhile, one of those alleged 'nazis' publicly dropped the same 'N' word on scientology twice. Two-valued logic thinking prevails: black vs. white, right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, God vs. the devil, America vs. the Nazis.