Blog: Grade II - 2011-10-31

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F0.png Grade II October 31, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I once noted on this blog that I do not and will not "pull withholds" on or security check anyone. David Miscavige hollered "Eureka!" and had his Corporate Scientology propagandists spread the word far and wide that I allegedly audit over overts and withholds as an avowed practice. They ignored my explanation on the former that I don't need to "pull withholds" because my pc's are sufficiently in-session that they inevitably voluntarily, without coercion, freely vent them. When someone completes Grade II with me he/she is free from the hostilities and sufferings of life because the person understands the overt-motivator sequence in life. They don't walk around with withholds because when they commit an overt they pretty much always take responsibility for it. When they do have a withhold they readily share it, it doesn't need to be "pulled." As to "security checking", I explained my position on this in some detail in mid 2009 in a video taped interview available on the St Petersburg Times website, (go to segment entitled Abuse of Trust).

I often refer to Grade II as the make-break point in one's progression up the Bridge. People who treat the grade with a lick and a promise don't reach the abilities gained for the level and that makes the rest of the journey a potential rocky road.

When I take someone through Grade II, we complete it when a person is entirely satisfied without doubt or reservation that he or she has attained all four flows of the abilities gained for that grade, as abilities in life. Not as some ethereal theoretic postulate.