Blog: Grant Cardone: God Wants You to Be a Billionaire - 2019-06-30

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F0.png Grant Cardone: God Wants You to Be a Billionaire June 30, 2019, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Scientology OT VIII Grant Cardone is now promoting God. There is no God in Scientology so what is Cardone actually talking about? In our opinion he is pandering to his Christian audience in the Bible Belt. As we have covered, one cannot be a Christian, or a member of any other religion, and be a Scientologist. As an OT, Cardone knows that all religions are R6 implants and control mechanisms. This is what Hubbard taught.

Grant Cardone is constantly telling his audience to not buy stupid shit. However, if God wants you to have it all then it's not stupid shit by definition. All the stupid shit MEST is suddenly transformed into God-ordained blessings.

In this next tweet, Cardone is clearly in the valance of a Christian prosperity preacher. To be fair, an investor will get a return on their investment with Cardone Capital whereas a prosperity preacher will rip you off. Good luck with your newfound God message Grant. We recommend that you start carrying around a big black Bible with you if you want to be taken seriously about this God stuff. You know how symbols matter.