Blog: Grant Cardone Admits to Bankruptcy in a Video Clip... Stay Tuned - 2020-04-15

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F0.png Grant Cardone Admits to Bankruptcy in a Video Clip... Stay Tuned April 15, 2020, Jeffrey Augustine, Scientology Money Project

Grant Cardone admits to bankruptcy in this very short and bizarre video. Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote about "the glee of insanity" and Cardone certainly fits the description in this video. Grant Cardone posted this video on Instagram and then took it down. Why does a CEO with 3200 investors to whom he has suspended distributions and bankers to whom he owes one billion in debt post this type of video online in which he jokes about going to prison? Has Grant Cardone, in fact, received a Wells Letter from the SEC?

We are verifying details of this video clip. Where and when was it made? It is very recent, perhaps today. Grant Cardone makes a comment about his his strange new haircut. In a video he just did with his wife Elena, Grant Cardone says he may have had the Coronavirus. He also cites stress as a factor for the strange appearance of his hair. In this video, Elena speaks of "being on the other side of this." The Cardone's seem to be cryptically alluding to trouble.

In our opinion, Grant Cardone has been erratic for at least 45 days and has exhibited bizarre mood swings ranging from mania to seriousness to freakishness. Some have even called us to say this video is Grant Cardone trolling in this video. If so, he has just destroyed his credibility at a profound level. Who would invest with such a reckless and irresponsible fool in the future? What banks would loan money to this deranged person? CEO's do not behave in self-destructive ways that destroy their reputations and that of their organizations and companies.