Blog: Grooming the "Next Generation" of "Org Execs" - 2019-10-19

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F376.png Grooming the "Next Generation" of "Org Execs" October 19, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is how scientologists are groomed from an early age. Indoctrination into the Hubbard "study tech" which teaches you that if something he said doesn't make sense, it is simply because there is a word or symbol you have not understood.

According to Valentina Smith, these are the "next generation of org execs". Valentina is one of the Admins on the "Scientology - Perth" Facebook group (where this was posted). As I recall, she is one of the lonely staff of the Perth "ideal org", though I may be mistaken.

Scientology increasingly relies on second and third generations to be their "new blood" as the aging population that joined scientology before Google was a verb dies off. They are having little success in attracting anyone who has not grown up being inculcated with Hubbard's ideas. Scientology-based schools are the most fertile recruitment grounds, especially Delphi and the scientology schools in Clearwater. They are overrun with recruiters trying to sign these kids up as soon as they are old enough to read and write. Many parents are proud and happy for their children to join the Sea Org or org staff: "At least they're not on drugs" — but the truth is they might be better off with their freedom and using drugs than giving up everything for the "cause" that is nothing more than the empty, unattainable and unwanted cause of "Clearing the Planet."