Blog: Ground Zero For The Future of Scientology - 2011-08-12

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F0.png Ground Zero For The Future of Scientology August 12, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

According to the many insightful comments in response to this week's posts it is clear not much was lost on you all. Thanks for the dot connecting and succinct sum ups and observations of the situation.

Allow me to engage in a little more dot connecting of my own.

The main purpose behind the manner in which the material rolled out - from the first Caller Times article on 3 July, to the follow up on 7 August, to the four segments of interview with Bert Leahy - was to provide the definitive Miscavige mafia repellent. Take the links to the 3 July article, the 7 August article, and the four days of Mr. Leahy and you have a fully self-contained answer and antidote to any invasion of Miscavige's mafia in your area. Whether it is Lubow or any Radical Scientology private investigator, one or more OSA operatives or even a Radical Scientology lawyer - the combined links, in sequence, are the answer to them all.