Blog: Hana Whitfield Writes About the Sinister "Particle Speed Flow Officer" - 2018-03-04

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F379.png Hana Whitfield Writes About the Sinister "Particle Speed Flow Officer" March 4, 2018, John P. Capitalist, Reasoned.Life

In a recent conversation with Hana Whitfield, former captain of the Apollo and the Avon River, as well as a senior executive who reported directly to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, I broached the subject of the most absurd job title I'd ever seen. In Scientology, the person who pushes the mail cart around emptying everyone's OUT box and refilling the IN box with more mind-numbing paperwork, is called the "Particle Speed Flow Officer." I figured this was just another comical example of Hubbard's pomposity of trying to make everything vastly more important than it was. But Hana pointed out that she was actually the first "Particle Speed Flow Officer" in the history of Scientology, and she reveals here that there's a sinister side to this.

There's a valuable object lesson in the story: that there's almost always a sinister side to Scientology, even in small-scale things that initially seem to have only comic relief value.

In the 1960's Hubbard wrote a bunch of policies on the routing and handling of staff memos in Scientology organizations.