Blog: Handling Crime in Brussels - 2019-12-10

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F376.png Handling Crime in Brussels December 10, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Of course, they cite nothing to support their bold claims — but then again any scientologist would NEVER even think to question the IAS. After all, this is the international association of the most ethical group on earth.

There is nothing to substantiate the figures of distribution at all, they pluck these numbers out of the sky usually. Someone paid for a printing of the booklets. They may or may not have actually printed that many. No doubt, however many they printed, they did NOT get distributed. Often they end up being dumped. And the "network of 1400 businesses" probably includes dropping a copy in a Starbucks and then counting the 600 Starbucks in the 65 square mile grid — or things of equally absurd "stat push" mentality.

But you can find some information about the crime rates.