Blog: Handling For All The "Entheta" - 2013-07-14

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F376.png Handling For All The "Entheta" July 14, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is the email being urgently sent around to "handle" the entheta "that comes up in your life" (ie if you have been anywhere near the internet, TV or print media over the last week).

The "positioning" game is going full roar.

By their very actions the church are PROVING exactly what Leah said. When she asked "Where's Shelly" Tommy Davis told her its "above her fucking pay grade" to even ask and she ended up being sec checked.... For expressing concern over the whereabouts of someone she had known for MANY years. Of course, such a question is only "entheta" if it misses the withholds of the person who is asked. It is a VERY normal question under the circumstances. Wife of Tom's "best man" and someone who had spent a good deal of time at Tom's homes in LA and Telluride and had been flown around on his plane. Suddenly not in attendance at his wedding? Maybe she was ill? Maybe she broke her leg? Maybe her sister died? In which case the answer would have been simple. But because she had been "disappeared" it was an "inappropriate" question.