Blog: Happy New Year - 2019-01-01

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F376.png Happy New Year January 1, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Happy 2019 to all who come here to participate in this community whether just as a reader or a commenter.

We start the New Year with a new episode of The Aftermath tonight, which I believe is a good omen for things to come in 2019. Meanwhile David Miscavige, the one True Leader jetted off to Joburg to cut the ribbon on an absolutely pointless building — the new "AO Africa". It is staffed with SO Members from Flag (they couldn't get any from Africa apparently) to serve a few small and failing orgs — less orgs than any AO in history. They are offering "cheap prices" because the Rand is so weak, so will probably get a few people that otherwise would have gone to AOSHANZO or AOSHEU. The place will be empty tomorrow while Miscavige is off on a wildlife safari or heading to Italy for a layover to stock up on shirts and fine leathergoods.

But enough about that distraction.