Blog: Harvey Weinstein & Scientology - Separated at Birth? - 2017-11-13

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F376.png Harvey Weinstein & Scientology - Separated at Birth? November 13, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This New Yorker article is an extremely detailed and well-documented peek behind the curtain of a dirtbag with a lot of money hiring big-name, reputable lawyers and private investigators to conduct a concerted campaign to intimidate and silence witnesses to his abuse.

Scientology has been doing this for years. Decades actually. They wrote the book, literally, on this sort of intimidation tactics. Everyone else is a pretender to the throne of corrupt power abusing the less powerful with impunity.

The big difference between Harvey Weinstein and scientology is the money spent by scientology on intimidation is TAX FREE. Put another way, the American taxpayer is subsidizing this sort of behavior when it comes to scientology. And believe me, scientology has been hard at work on this sort of thing since L. Ron Hubbard first laid out in his unalterable dictates in the 1950's. In fact in one of his first treatises on the subject, The Manual of Justice, he says the following: