Blog: Headhunters Part II - 2018-09-18

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F376.png Headhunters Part II September 18, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The reward has gone up!

Just last week it was $250 to $500.

I wonder where this instant money is coming from? Certainly not from Orlando's Financial Planning Committee… Perhaps they have a whale who is tossing in some bucks (rather than joining staff themselves — too smart for that I guess).

Wonder if anyone is left in the housing they arranged for the Orlando "staff" who were flown in for the grand opening? You can bet that place emptied out a week after the ribbon yanking. They proudly announced at the time they were up to 120 staff. If they have 12 staff today I would be surprised. 10X contraction is the order of the day.