Blog: Headley Family Legal Fund - 2012-09-18

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F0.png Headley Family Legal Fund September 18, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The Indies Defense Fund just put the Headley's over the top to reach and exceed their $45,000 target. See, Headley Family Legal Fund. The $7,500 donation from our fund brought the Headley's total to $50,535.00. While it took the Headleys above the $45,000 target, I went ahead and transfered our entire fund as I originally said I would, because a) I thought that appropriate to satisfy the overwhelming show of support on this blog for the Headleys, b) I know that quite in addition to the costs bill of Scientology Inc. the Headleys had to satisfy, they were out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars in their own litigation costs.

Final Accounting Indies Defense Fund:

Balance 9/16/12 : 8,520.76