Blog: Helping Billions - 2017-07-11

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F376.png Helping Billions July 11, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Our old buddy Colin Davie is at it again. This guy might well be one of the most unreal people on planet earth.

He is also the perfect example of the money-grubber who is unembarrassed to say literally anything to try and get you to hand over your cash. In an environment when ridiculous hype showers down from the top, the world of scientology is a culture of lies - but even in that context this guy is breathtaking. He is like watching one of those "professional eaters" who stuffs 75 hot dogs down their throats in one minute. Mesmerizing, disgusting and weird all at once. Someone actually lives their life doing this day in and day out? And even seems proud of it?

"IAS members have literally transformed the world"