Blog: Here Come the Thought Police - 2009-10-15

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F0.png Here Come the Thought Police October 15, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

Reports from OT VIIIs who have recently left David Miscavige's Church paint a picture of increasing desperation, oppression, and the rise of Gestapo-like tactics to squeeze more and more money out of those remaining.

Despite the fact that LRH specifically forbade fundraising and told orgs to stick to selling services, David Miscavige's fundraising activities, for the IAS and for his "Ideal" Orgs, have now become the mainline activity of the Sea Org and Scientology staff. Staff are now told that they are "double hatted" as IAS reges, an excuse to pull them off their assigned duties and into the service of Miscavige's money-making machine.

And the entire Ethics apparatus of the Church has now been suborned into the service of that same money-machine. Public are called in to "Ethics interviews" that are nothing more than "extortion interviews." If you're called in for an interview these days, here are some of the metered questions you'll be asked, according to those who have had the experience: